Sunday, November 17, 2013

happiness is..........

 my husband made a comment about happiness this afternoon.  it made me think (a lot) about what happiness is and where it comes from, how we get to be happy and how we stay happy.
money is not the thing
fame is not the thing
peace is not it either
neither is a good marriage, great job, good health, scrapbooking, fishing or any other "thing" or relationship.  those things are "happiness measures" of this world and are not true measures of happiness. 
so what is true happiness?
 true happiness is not shallow and based on external stimuli. true happiness is not material, is not inherited, and cannot be acquired through some recipe of human origin. beloved, true happiness is based on a scriptural relationship with God. happiness is a state of blessedness that derives from this relationship. knowing our origin, purpose, and destiny is requisite to happiness (Gen. 1; Eccl. 12: 13; Matt. 25: 46). biblical happiness can be experienced even amid difficulties and misfortunes. Jesus speaks of men hating, separated from, and reproaching the Christian. yet, Jesus said "Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven…" (Lk. 6: 22, 23). herein lies true happiness that we all should seek.
 of course a great marriage and all the things mentioned above are added bonuses, but if we DON"T first seek the Kingdom of God, we will never, ever, be happy.  Matthew 6:33
are you happy? 


Hendrina(Rena) Naylor said...

Yes, I am happy inside myself when the lights go out. Always remember ' happiness does not reside in pleasures nor in gold, but in the heart alone. My heart ACHES for those who suffer from severe depression and cannot find happiness in any form..God bless happy!

Lynette said...

Beautiful post. This past two weeks during the Leadership Training Course we are running at the Mission it became very clear AGAIN, that our lives are bound up in what the Lord's purpose and plans are. When we dream His dreams we know true happiness.

Amor Ashby said...

I have found this year, that true happiness does bring peace

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