Thursday, December 26, 2013


yesterday was Christmas Day.  the day i, as a Christian, celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, my Saviour.  i know there are many people who don't believe He was born on 25 December.  neither do i.  it is just the day i choose to celebrate His birth - with millions of other Christians.  there are millions of people who just celebrate 2 days off work and a great holiday.  i suppose that is also ok.  i hope you had a Blessed day - regardless.
this time of year is very sad for me.  for many reasons, but one of them is the fact that i don't have children to celebrate the day with. i would have loved to have read the story of Jesus' birth to them, every year.  if i had a daughter, i would have warned her against men like the one i saw in my shop today.  on the surface kind and gentle, but when he spoke to the woman he had been married to for 25 years, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.  i would have told her to run as far away as she could from the boyfriend who does not treat her with utmost respect and woos her, like Jesus woos us.  i would have begged her to stay away from the popular and good looking guy like that man, and go with the guy who cleans the room and takes the dirty cups to the kitchen when he visits.  the one who asks the teacher if he can clean the floor or open the door for ladies.  there was a young married couple in my shop, and i went up to them and asked them how long they had been married.  one year.  i asked them if they heard the way the man spoke to his wife.  they did.  i begged the young husband to never speak like that to his wife and i told her to pray that he never does.
i miss my mom and dad - i wish they were here and that we could just see and talk to each other every day again.  i would tell my child to always be respectful towards her parents.  i am deeply sorry for every tear my mother shed over me.  i know i am forgiven, but i still regret all the tears i caused.
i would listen to her when she warned me about the wrong decisions she saw i was making and i would hang onto every word she said.  i would sit with her and just be.  i am so sorry i was always in such a hurry, i know that it was all, like Solomon said, "meaningless, a chasing after the wind".
sometimes i wish i could have seen into the future when i made certain decisions and i wish that i did not just do what i wanted to do, but i wish that i knew Jesus when i was younger and made decisions that pleased HIM and did the things He wanted me to do.  i know He will make everything work together for me because i love Him, but i also know that i have to live with the consequences of the poor decisions i have made in my life.
my deepest and heartfelt wish for all of you this Christmas, is that you will make decisions in line with His will, not your own..........  
may the Lord  Bless you and keep you. 


charmaine lloyd said...

What awesome words...and yes even though we all regret things that we have done in the past its because of our faith that we can know we Are forgiven by our Saviour. as for the guy in the shop...All we can do is forgive him and hope that one day he will realize how wrong he is...hopefully before it is too late. God Bless you too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cariena dit is pragtige woorde! Ek wil net vir jou se ek dink jou ma kyk vir jou en dink: "Is dit my kind daardie? Ek is so trots op haar vir die wonderlike mens wat sy is en vir al die ander wat haar winkel besoek en sommer almal wat sy ken". Ons almal stap n paaidjie om te wees wat ons vandag is en jy is n pragtige mens.Geseende kersfees vir jou en jou familie. Sien jou Saterdag. Liefde Cynthia

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