Wednesday, February 12, 2014

just for fun

in 2010 i imported thousands of MME papers.  i thought they were the most beautiful papers i had ever seen.  we had just started the shop, and most of the South African Scrapbook Suppliers did not want to supply us.  we had a taste for papers that were not available here. i fell in love with MME papers.  of course i had no idea of how many of each paper to order, so i literally got thousands!  LOL!  i asked Elizna Parsons to make kits with some of the papers in 2010.  she used the papers above and created a single page layout.  when i was going through the packs of papers in the store room in December, i found a little pile with enough to make 4 kits...... so, i revamped the layout, turned it into a double page and added a few elements to it.  i have NEVER been a person for paper piecing of any kind.  BUT creating this little owl was great fun!  thanks, Elizna, for the page you created 4 years ago!  it really goes to show that some designs are truly timeless!!  xxxxxx

1 comment:

Elizna said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! Such a beautiful re-make...glad I could inspire you:-Dxx

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