Sunday, February 9, 2014

if you are a woman.........

i never knew this until a while back.  if you are a single woman - young girl, please, make sure the man you are about to marry serves the Lord above all else.  a friend of mine's daughter had her heart broken last week, and although it is a sad thing, it is also a good thing.  she needs to be with someone who will lead her closer to God than to himself.  someone who loves God more than her, but then, because he loves Jesus so much, will do for her what Jesus did for all of us............the only relationships that work properly are Christ centered relationships - firstly marriages, but then also all other relationships.  and, there are always at least 2 people in a relationship...... unless both parties put Jesus above all else, chances are that the relationship will be very strained.  it will not be easy in the beginning to live God centered, but it will be so worth it!  Jesus suffered on a cross for us.  it was not easy.  He was subjected to ridicule, was disrespected and humiliated - by the very people He lay His life down for.  but He knew that it would be worth it.  He knew what had to be done.  being refined is a painful process.  the Bible is very clear about that. and although Jesus was also at a point where He felt he could no longer endure what was expected of Him, He subjected Himself to His Father and suffered for us.  if your man loves you like that - then he is a Godly man.  if he is obedient to the Word - regardless of HOW he feels, then he is a Godly man.  if he treasures you, and speaks the truth in love and is willing to lay his life down for you - then he is a Godly man.  if he uses the Bible as his guide and compass to navigate all aspects of his life and his relationships, then he is a Godly man...........  choose wisely.  xxxxxxxxxx

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Cathy said...

So true Cariena. I never knew how important being equally yoked was. It is in the bible for a very good reason. If only all young couples would realize the importance of putting God ahead of themselves, they will bear the fruit of that devotion throughout their lives!

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