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Dearest friend  This post will be pinned to the top of the blog.  I will update it every now and again.  The Lord, in His unfathomable Mercy and Grace, saved me in August 2008.  I definitely did not deserve to be saved.  I was totally depraved and completely LOST in my own sin.  But He found me.  Previously, in 2000, I went through a stint where I thought I was "saved". I was NOT saved at all and if I had died before August 2008, I would have gone to HELL without a doubt. I kept all the "Christian" books that I had bought in that time, though. Sadly, 80% of them were written by FALSE teachers. How did I realise that? Once again, only by the Grace of God and the obedience of a fellow sister in Christ. She had the conviction and courage to hand me a set of DVD's in 2011- Clouds without Water, by a man named Justin Peters, that opened my eyes to deception.  Below are links to the 2019 Series that is available on YouTube.  I recommend that you watch this first and t

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